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New Age music has been enthralling listeners for over three decades now. The music genre has become a mainstream sound around the world and continues to evolve over time. The diversified approach towards the New Age music by numerous artists have resulted in the creation of several sub genres such as Andean New Age, biomusic, space music and neoclassical New Age. New Age music has been used for the purpose of meditating and relaxing due to its downtempo sound. The sound of New Age is often associated with the New Age spirituality as well as environmentalism movement.


New Age Origin


New Age sound was influenced by several artists belonging to various genres. From jazz artists like Pat Metheny and Paul Horn to folk instrumentalists Leo Kottke and John Fahey, all had an impact in shaping today’s New Age music. Synthesizer performers Brian Eno and Pink Floyd as well as classical minimalists Phillip Glass and Terry Riley also played a part in influencing the New Age genre. During the early 1970s, Asian musicians like Yellow Magic Orchestra and Kitaro played pivotal role in defining the direction for New Age. With Yellow Magic Orchestra’s electronic influences and Kitaro’s albums, ‘Full Moon’ and ‘Ten Kai’, the New Age movement managed to develop a cult following around the world.


In 1975, Steven Halpern released his debut album ‘Spectrum Suite’ that became popular for starting the New Age movement in the US. Initially, New Age music was sold primarily through independent labels and started gaining significant sales figure at unusual outlets such as boutiques, health food stores, gift stores and bookstores. In 1979, the first digital New Age recording was released by R&B artist Stevie Wonder when he recorded the soundtrack for the documentary, ‘The Secret Life of Plants’.


New Age Music Today


Today, several New Age artists have found critical as well as commercial success. One of the most popular New Age groups still active is the Mannheim Steamroller. Founded by Jackson Berkey and Chip Davis, the Steamroller has managed to sell over thirty million albums worldwide. The group specializes in holiday music as well as New Age sound. Crossover New Age musician Yanni also continues to fascinate the fans worldwide with his instrumental albums as well as grand live performances.


The Live Experience


Witnessing New Age musicians play live is a highly uplifting and often spiritual experience for many fans. The long instrumental sessions along with highly captivating vocals revolving around the themes of Fairies and Celtic legends keep the audiences engaged throughout the show. The vocal arrangement in New Age music often features Tibetan, Sanskrit and Native American languages. Artists like Yanni have raised the bar of live performances of New Age music by staging grand performers at internationally renowned monuments such as El Morro Castle in Puerto Rico, Kremlin in Russia, Burj Khalifa in UAE and Taj Mahal in India.


This season, New Age artists will continue to enchant the audiences live by staging captivating performances throughout the US. Getting New Age tickets will allow audiences to witness live acts by popular New Age musicians such as Patty Larkin, Lorie Line, Take 6, Andrew Peterson and Mannheim Steamroller. So make sure to indulge in an uplifting and exciting musical journey for an unforgettable experience.



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