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Music from all Latin American countries is called Latin music and is an umbrella which holds many different sub genres under it. The beauty of Latin music lies in its traditional nature with its roots ingrained firmly in indigenous music. This type of music is described to be exotic. Latin music got worldwide popularity when it made its way to pop culture taking with it the wonderful Tejano, miariachi, bossa nova, merengue, tango, samba and salsa. The distinction of Latin music, like any other genre, lies in the music style and more prominently, language and cultural background of the artist. In the more modern scene, Latin has encompassed some mainstream music like Latin pop, Reggaeton, jazz and rock in its style to make it more diverse.  

Gems of Latin Music

Music is what the artists make it. Same is with Latin. It’s because of the remarkable artists that Latin music is among the most popular genres in the world. These artists, with their beautiful vocals and heart-warming music never stop delighting the millions of fans with their singles, albums and live concerts.

Among the most famous Latin artists worldwide is Marc Anthony, the top-selling salsa artist. Winner of two Grammys and three Latin Grammys, Marc’s salsa ballads get everyone moving. His live performances are among the most popular, not only among his native fans but also in English and American audience. Marc’s ex-wife and a drop-dead gorgeous diva Jennifer Lopez is also a Latin sensation around the world. Lopez is the voice of modern pop music and a wonderful live performer.

Defining Latino urban genre is rapper Pitbull, the Cuban-American singer who has dominated hip-hop and rap and has more recently set the whole world dancing with his dance and pop music. Among the most influential Hispanic artists of all times is Carlos Santana with his truly amazing guitar talents and Gloria Estefan for bringing the pure Latin spirit in her musical repertoire. Both the artists, together with other so many like Enrique Iglesias, Selena, Tito Puente, Romeo Santos and Prince Royce have brought Latin music worldwide acclaim.       

Go Latin!

A Latin music concert is full of fun. The whole arena becomes one big dance floor when any of the wonderful Latin artists unleashes their music on the stage. There are numerous Latin events going on around the country at all times so fans never have to wait for their favorite concert for a long period of time. This music is especially popular in states that are in proximity to some Latin countries such as New York, Texas, Florida and California. It is also popular in Big Apple as it is the cultural hub of the country.

A Latin music concert means an opportunity to dance the night away on the up-beat music and show the crowd you’ve got the moves. It’s always a good idea to go to such a concert with friends and loved ones. The price of Latin tickets is worth every penny when you are getting a wonderful and totally enjoyable time in return.

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