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One of the most successful and celebrated music genres, jazz has fascinated millions around the world for decades now. Numerous musicians and artists have found success while playing jazz music and its several sub genres. The popular American form of music began during the early 1900s. Jazz was primarily based on the amalgamation of rich African American music culture of the south and classical European influences of the 19th century. Jazz has deep roots in the African American music. The genre was originally associated with African American communities who had settled in the southern parts of the country. These communities later adopted European elements of music and combined them with their own rich music. The African musical basis is evident in jazz music due to its use if swung notes, syncopation, polyrhythm, improvisation and blue notes.

Jazz Goes Mainstream

During the 1920s, Jazz gained mainstream popularity. The genre was considered an outlaw, challenging the norms and traditions of that time. However, the jazz fever continued to spread around the country, gaining momentum from New Orleans to Los Angeles to Chicago. During this time several eminent musicians rose, allowing jazz to become an integral language all around. In 1922, Kid Ory's Original Creole Jazz Band became the first New Orleans' African American jazz band to make recordings. Chicago also became a main developing center for jazz, where musicians like Bill Johnson and King Oliver began producing mainstream music. 1920s most popular blues singer Bessie Smith also produced his first jazz recording in 1922. Another distinguished musician, Louis Armstrong also played a key role in making jazz truly 20th century music with his unique arrangements.

Popular Jazz Blue Musicians

With over twenty sub genres such as vocal jazz, traditional jazz, soul jazz, swing, Latin jazz, chamber jazz and big band, Jazz has produced highly notable musicians over the years. Some of the distinguished musicians include Wes Montgomery, Bennie Goodman, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Nat King Cole and Charles Mingus. Jazz has also been fused with other musical genres to create fusion genres like ska jazz, Nu jazz, jazz rap, jazz funk, Indo jazz, bluegrass and jazz blues. Several artists have performed and recorded jazz fusion music such as Jeff Beck, Dennis Chambers, Matt Garrison, Percy Jones, Jean Luc Ponty and John Abercrombie.

The Live Experience

Today, Jazz music continues to enthrall millions around the world. The improvised live performances and captivating music leaves the audiences spellbound. Several jazz styles have become an acquired taste. Musicians like Kurt Elling, Norah Jones and Diana Krall have found success in mixing pop and rock music with traditional jazz. This season, the jazz fever will continue to allure masses at the upcoming live performances of eminent musicians. Artists David Sanborn, Buddy Guy, Hugh Laurie, Joe Bonamassa will all take the stage to deliver highly exciting live performances. Thousands of Jazz Blues tickets are expected to run out as soon as they are available. So make sure not to miss an exciting performance by your favorite jazz and blues artist this year.


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