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Country Folk

For some, music is a gift of God and others consider it to be a great source of entertainment. No matter what perspective is taken into account, music surely is an essential part of our lives today. Any occasion, festivity or party is assumed to be incomplete without music. With its diversity and multiplicity of genres, music fulfills needs of everyone. Every culture, nation or region has its own music traditions that are devotedly followed and continue generations after generations. Country and Folk are two special genres among numerous other kinds of music styles. Country has its own unique elements and folk has an individual feel that distinguish it from the other popular genres. Folk is deeply rooted in the traditions and customs of a specific region and is inspired from the folklores and heroic tales of a locality. Country on the other hand, originates from Southern part of the United States and shares some of its elements with folk. Even though both of these genres have similarities but they have their idiosyncratic features that set them apart from each other. This variety is basically the beauty of music that makes it a lovely medium of expression and art.

Typical Instruments and Musicality

The splendor of folk lies in its simplicity and the use of basic instruments. With such pure sound, folk instantly connects with the listener. Classic and folk are sometimes used interchangeably but they are very different from each other in terms of musicality and treatment. Country, on the other hand takes numerous references from the lives of cowboys, their beliefs and rugged lifestyle. Hence country is a mix of those dispositions and different musical devices. Some musical instruments that are majorly associated with folk and country include pedal steel guitar, fiddle, banjo, harmonica, bass, keyboards and mandolin. These instruments when rightly mixed with the vocals create an irresistible combo that appeals to different kinds of listeners.


Historians believe that folk music was common when musical instruments were not even invented. However, its existence became evident in the 19th and 20th century with the invention of different devices and development of society. Origins of country music date back to 1920s when it developed in the rural areas of Southern United States. As years passed, these two genres evolved and adapted to the requirements of the time but they didn't lose their original feel. This advancement spawned many derivative, sub and fusion genres of folk and country which enlarged their repertoire and also increased the followers.

Live Experience

Country and folk music can best be enjoyed when it's performed live. When a beautiful voice is coupled with instruments then the result is a memorable musical experience. Concerts that feature popular traditional musicians and country artists are attended by countless fans. Country Folk tickets have always been in demand among other hottest event tickets. Attend a concert by country/folk artist next time it's held in your city.


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