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Music reflects the culture of communities that produced a specific kind of music. In every era, music artists have remained influential because they dedicate their whole life to music while entertaining others. Classical music is not just pleasing to the ears and mind but also a treat to soul. Attending classical concert is a unique experience in itself because it offers you a chance to hear the voice of musicians in a way it is meant to be heard.


The classical music era began with a pre-classical music style of Rococo in the 1720s. The phase overlapped with the Age of Enlightenment, a period that looked for intellectual freedom. The western classical music draws its roots from the Ancient Greeks including the Aristoxenus and Pythagoras. Apart from the early tones and scales of the genre, they also developed the classical instruments such as the aulos and the lyre. The present-day instruments have also been designed by borrowing the ideas from these traditional gadgets.

Classical Music Training

Parents often encourage their children to receive classical music training from a very young age. In the 1990s, a number of research papers and books were published on the Mozart Effect which was related to a temporary shoot-up in the test scores after listening to Mozart's works. As a result, Florida passed a law mentioning that all tots enrolled in the state-run schools must listen to classical music on a regular basis. In 1998, the governor of Georgia also allocated more than hundred thousand dollars to provide a classical music CD to every new born in the state.

Classical vs. Popular Music

After a lapse of few years, it is natural for most of us to switch from classical to popular music either because it is commonly played on the radio stations or it is heard by most of our friends. However, if you have been exposed to it right from the beginning, peer pressure cannot hold you back from the beauty and intricacy of the classical music. The avid fans of this music genre widely believe that classical music can elicit strong emotional feelings that popular music cannot.

Classical Music Experience

Classical music has got hidden magic and power which separates it from all other art forms. You can listen to a classical piece over and over again without getting tired of its content. Even though Giuseppe Verdi's Messa de Requiem is almost one hour and forty minutes long but the classical music enthusiasts can listen to it tirelessly. This is partly because classical music is complex and sophisticated; hence the passionate fans can listen to it repeatedly. And if you have been exposed to this form of music ever since your birth, it could be one of the most meaningful facets of your life. If you want to hear something relaxing, exciting or energizing, there is no better option than Classical tickets.


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