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The current Pro Rodeo season has got off to a pulsating start yet again. There have been plenty of spills and thrills already which is exactly how fans of the sport want it to be. Rodeo events under the banner of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association have been the talk of the town for years now. These events have combined to showcase what makes the sport such an exhilarating prospect. It is edge-of-the-seat action all the way from the start right till the end. The action has started to heat up once again and the Pro Rodeo campaign is on full tilt now.

Event Name:

Pro Rodeo

Governing Body:

Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association


United States

The Pro Rodeo is well and truly underway. Some of the best cowboys in the business will travel all through the country to compete in a series of different events in their quest to be crowned the best. Rodeo has always been a very big part of American culture but its current popularity is unprecedented. Millions of fans from all across the country buy Pro Rodeo tickets every year to be a part of different events in various cities of the United States and sometimes Canada. It will not be any different this time around either and promises to be another great season of rodeo festivities.

Rodeo: A Brief History

Rodeo sports and events are among the oldest parts of American culture. The roots can be traced back to the days when the Spanish occupied the west in the early part of the 1700’s. They built multiple ranches in the area and their attire influenced the way how American cowboys started to dress up.

Then as Western America started to grow at the beginning of the next century, Americans began to interact more and more with the Spanish occupants and the two cultures started to merge. More and more Americans started to take interest in the cattle business. Then some Cowboys began to hold a few competitions on informal basis. That generated a lot of excitement and slowly but surely major rodeo events began to crop up in various parts of the country in late 1880’s. That was really the start of rodeo sport as we see it today.

The Arrival of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association

The arrival of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association changed the landscape in a big way. The PRCA was incepted in the year 1936. The organization was set up when some cowboys revolted against W.T. Johnson, a promoter, at a rodeo event that was being held at the Boston Garden. They wanted the entry fee to be made a part of the purse. Their rebellion was successful and formed the basis of an organization that was named the “Cowboys Turtle Association.” The name was then changed to the Rodeo Cowboys Association after a few years and then to the Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association in the year 1975.

The PRCA Legacy

Pro Rodeo owes a lot of its success to the efforts made by the PRCA. The organization has been instrumental in making the sport as popular as it is today. The Pro Rodeo season under the banner of the PRCA consists of various events, some of which are even older than the entity itself. Events like the North Western Stock Show, the Pro Rodeo Classic, the Spring Breakup Rodeo, the Walter County Fair & Rodeo, Tulsa State Fair PRCA Rodeo, the Grand National Rodeo, the Mid Winter Fair & Rodeo, the Xtreme Bulls & PRCA Championship Rodeo, the PRCA Championship Rodeo and the Fort Myers Pro Rodeo among many others combine to form a season of rodeo events that show the true essence of what makes the sport so epic.

The PRCA sanctions a total of ten championships for eight events which include All-Around, Steer Wrestling, Bareback Riding, Tie-down roping, Barrel racing, Team roping, Saddle bronc riding and Bull riding. The championship is decided at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

Saddle up and enjoy the ride with the biggest names in the sport and witness what makes rodeo so special.


Did You Know?

  • The PRCA has around seventy full time employees.
  • PRCA has an estimated four millions viewers in the United States.
  • It is the oldest rodeo governing body in the world today.
  • It is also the largest rodeo governing body in the world.
  • Around a whopping six hundred events are held under the PRCA banner annually.
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