Football Tickets

Football is not just another sport. It embodies the American spirit and generates excitement unlike any other sport. Millions of fans all across the country and abroad tune in to watch the American Football live. At both the professional level as well as on the collegiate level football tickets are sold in millions. It will not be any different this time around either as some very exciting football encounters are coming your way. So brace yourself for another action-packed ride from the start till the very end.

The Beginning

It was way back in the year 1869 that the first ever football game was played. That occasion saw Rutgers go head-to-head with none other than Princeton in what turned out to be the game that started the sport in America. It was played more along the lines of rugby in its years of infancy and that remained the case till Walter Camp came to the scene and came up with some new rules. The popularity of football began to soar from that point onwards and Harvard constructed what was the first ever football stadium in the country in 1903. Seven years later, the NCAA was created and that sped up the evolution of the game even faster. Some new aspects were added to the sport which put football on its way to becoming the rage it is today.

Formation of the NFL

Some college games put football on the map but the arrival of the NFL is what took it to a new heights. The National Football League was incepted in 1920 when Akron Pros, Cleveland Indians, Dayton Triangles and Canton Bulldogs joined hands to take the sport to the next level. The organization was called the American Professional Football Association. The name was then changed to the National Football League two years later. The NFL turned out to be a success and pushed football among the most watched sports in the country. The league met its biggest challenge in the form of the American Football League which was formed in 1959. The two leagues competed against each other for the best talent and the biggest territories till 1969 when the AFL merged into the NFL. The Super Bowl was created as a result of that merger.

Super Bowl

NFL is divided into the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference, the winner of the two get the chance to compete in the Super Bowl to earn the right to be crowned the best in the business. Super Bowl is among the most watched annual sports events in the world. Football is a global phenomenon now. What started as a college level sport over a century ago has now gone on to become the biggest sport in North America. The latest season will once again give fans all that they have come to associate with the sport. So get ready for another exciting ride courtesy football tickets.


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