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There is nothing more elegant than a Ballet Dance performance. A ballet show is all about grace and poise, right from the moment a soloist takes on the center stage till the final bow! The pointed toes and straight postures of the dancers swaying along with the music is what create the magic. The dancers swirling in their flimsy dresses augment a fairy like aura. The excellence of the ballet is that it transports you into the utopian lands with its mesmerizing beauty. It is actually an aesthetic interpretation of the swordsmanship art of fencing. The ballet is a powerful medium of expression. It is used in various performances to narrate the tales of love, death, dreams, legends, birds and angels. Ballet is not just a visual delight but is a wholesome experience felt deep inside.

This dance which was once an Italian regal delicacy has now become one of the most artistic dance forms popular all around the world. The art of ballet requires years and years of practice to reach perfection. A lot of emphasis is given on the precision and perfection of the dance moves synchronized to create an illusion of unanimity. The ballet music is also composed specially ensuring that the rhythm and dance moves in sync for a flawless performance. The en Pointe shoes that are considered to be the highlight of the ballet are actually created to enhance the whole fairy like effect. In the beginning they were regular slippers that were darned heavily at the tip. This allowed the female dancers to momentarily stand on their toes in order to appear weightless and partially in the air. The gimmick was so well liked that soon special shoes with a hard box were created that are used till date for the ballet.

The dance form that originated in the courts of Italy and France actually gained popularity in the times of World War I. A Russian dance company called Ballets Russes of Sergei Diaghilev ventured in this yondera to make it one of the most famous dance forms worldwide. Russian Companies like Boshoi are considered to be the best in the business. Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker, The Sleeping Beauty and The Swan Lake are some of the most popular shows in the history of the ballet. The Ballet has now been segregated in to various categories depending on the different people's take on it. At large it has been divided as Classical, Neo Classical and Contemporary ballet.

The Classical Ballet mainly focuses on the technique, giving proper emphasis to each and every detail. It is the most formal form of ballet abiding by the basic rules. Like the old folks say it everything is turned-out, if your toes aren't on the floor they are pointed and if your leg isn't bent it better be stretched out. If you stick to these techniques you are pretty much close to the ballet except the part that it requires extensive training. The classical ballet may vary from region to region but the basics remain the same. Initially the ballet was more about keeping up with the music until Balanchine took it to another level. He made sure that dance is not just swinging to the beat but is a meaningful medium of expression. He experimented with the ballet to create a more relaxed form with an emotional depth to it. Balanchine is considered to be a catalyst in the neo classical evolution of the ballet. He is the one who actually brought less rigid dance moves to the classical ballet. In this neo classical form of dance more emphasis is on structure than on sticking to the conventional moves. His adaptation of The Nutcracker, The Swan Lake, The Midsummer Night's Dream and The Square Dance are still enacted by many dance companies.

The contemporary ballet is by far the most popular form of ballet carrying a universal appeal that everybody can easily relate to! Mikhail Baryshnikov and Twyla Tharp are the torchbearers of this highly progressive face of Ballet. In the current times many dance companies go for this type of the ballet. Dance companies involved in this genre of dancing includes Alonzo King's Lines Ballet, Complexions Contemporary Ballet, Nacho Duato's Compania Nacional de Danza, The Forsythe Company and Nederlands Dans Theatre. The Kirov Ballet and the Paris Opera Ballet, which were previously known for their excellence in the classical ballet, are also shifting towards the contemporary forms these days.

The ballet is basically the most graceful and elegant field of dance. Its recitals are considered as extremely artistic high brow events attended by people with superior taste. If you have interest in it you would exactly know what I am talking about, the rest of you can just be the way you are! To be at some of the best performances get your Ballet tickets now!

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