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Has it happened to you that you are watching this show and people are getting all the amazing freebies that you wanted and you were like, it should have been me or when you see this dumb dude who gets to play the coolest game ever and he doesn't know the answer and you are shouting at the top of your voice I knew this one! What about the times when you favorite singer; the master of music for you is making the most moving speech and all you want is to be there and clap for him. Just before you say "no this isn't going to happen", think again because it can happen if you want!
Watching the shows while slouching on your couch stuffing yourself with the last bag of chips on a dull evening is nowhere close to actually being at the show! Can your carb laden snacks beat the excitement of meeting the god of music in person? I don't think so!
The concept of live audiences in TV shows must have been introduced to add a touch of reality which was totally marred by the cardboard sets! The television over the years has become one of the strongest mediums of entertainment. There are hundreds of television channels bombarding information at every hour of the day and there is another channel opening up every other day. The television channels bring to you a whole new world of entertainment. Some channels focus on music while others like drama better; some are purely sports channels while others are gossip mongers.

Each channel comes up with their own array of shows according to their specialized area of expertise. The shows most commonly presented includes reality shows, sitcoms, series, dramas, stand up comedies, late night shows, morning shows, game shows, magic shows, competitions and self help talk shows. Each type of show comes up with its own kind of entertainment quality that is worth giving a shot. The reality shows have these behavioral revelations about people, the comedy shows have this over the top humor, the talk shows highlight the fun side of the big wig celebrities, the game shows invoke the challenging spirit that tingles your brain and the list goes on and on.

In the past, television has created some great shows that are considered to be the milestones of the entertainment industry. Some of the most amazing shows that are fresh in the minds of the people are Everybody likes Raymond, Friends, Price is Right, Hollywood squares, American Idol, Late Night Show, Saturday Night Live, Oprah Winfrey Show, Pimp my Ride, Jerry Springer Show and America's Next Top Model. Some of these shows also give the opportunity to watch these shows live while they were being taped. You don't just get the chance to see your favorite show way before any of your friends has seen it but also gives you the treat to see bloopers and all the real action that is never shown on the television. The Awards functions with all of your favorite celebrities are actually the place of action these days! You would definitely not want to miss the excitement the next time Kanye barges in while some artist is giving their acceptance speech. The awards shows are one of the most exciting events of the year. These events have this excitement and grandeur attached to them right from the red carpet of the awards till the after ceremony bash. When a black glass Limo parks at the entrance the anticipation of seeing your favorite celebrity is simply nerve-wracking. The feeling that you were there when history was being made is beyond words. The influx of excitement and passion of that moment is what lasts a life time.

The major award ceremonies happening across the year includes Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Emmy Awards, Tony Awards, CMA, BAFTA, Golden Globes, European Film Awards, Cannes Film Festival, American Music Awards, GRAMMY, Billboard Music Awards, CMA Awards, MTV Music Awards and World Music Awards. These star studded events are definitely a catch that you won't like to pass. Well here is your big chance to grab tickets to some of the best shows of the entertainment industry before anyone else does that! There are other kinds of television shows that are also fun to catch live like Beauty Pageants, BET Comedy Awards, Kids Choice Awards, People's Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards and many other events. To be a part of some of the most memorable moments of the history grab your Awards and TV Shows tickets now!

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